Zika Virus: What I’ve learned as a mother baby nurse

Zika virus

As an advocate for women’s health, I have felt the need to understand more about the Zika Virus.  This is not a topic that will be covered in any of my nursing books, nor do I plan on seeing this information included on the certification exam for maternal newborn nursing. This is evidence that the […]

Gonorrhea: STD’s & Pregnancy

Gonorrhea in pregnancy

What is Gonorrhea? Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that can grow and multiply easily in mucus membranes of the body. Gonorrhea is a gram negative diplococcus. Gonorrhea bacteria can grow in the warm, moist areas of the reproductive tract, including the cervix (opening to the womb), uterus (womb), and fallopian tubes (egg […]

Umbilical Cords: Do I have to cut it?!

“My husband does not want to cut the umbilical cord!”  I needed to make sure this was one of the first things I relayed to my labor and delivery nurse when I was admitted for my fist child.   He was adamant about not wanting to do this and he did not want the nurses or […]

2015 in Review: Top 10 posts on MommyBabyNurse

Mommy Baby Nurse was born in 2015. The concept of the website has been a work in progress and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in an educational blog that helps others learn more about their own mommy baby journey – either as a nurse or a parent.  I have compiled the top 10 posts from […]

Syphilis: STD’s & Pregnancy

What is Syphilis? Syphilis is caused by the bacteria spirochete – Treponema palladium.  Incubation is 10-90 days (average 21 days). Syphilis is an STD that can cause long-term complications if not treated correctly. Symptoms in adults are divided into stages. These stages are primary, secondary, latent, and late syphilis.  Syphilis is a highly contagious disease […]

Chlamydia: STD’s & Pregnancy

What is Chlamydia? Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the United States.  An estimated 3-4 million cases occur annually in the United States.  Chlamydia is a bacteria: chlyamydia trachomatis.  Chlamydia is an intracellular bacteria like parasite that infects squamocolumnar cells of the cervix. Who is most at risk for Chlamydia? Chlamydial infections […]

STD’s and Pregnancy

I have been asked to delve into specifics of sexually transmitted diseases and viral/bacterial infections that can occur during pregnancy. This is a large topic to cover so I will attempt over the next month to cover many of the diseases and infections in more detail. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are […]

Breastfeeding – Make a plan

Post originally appeared as a guest post on AllAboutBlog.net As a mother baby nurse, I spend a large portion of my shift assisting parents with breastfeeding.  It is one of the most time consuming aspects of my day.  My wish is that families would research, discuss options and create a plan for their feeding goals […]

Newborn Screening – Why do we prick a baby’s heel?

Every baby that is born in North Carolina has several tests that are performed before they even leave the hospital.  We are required to administer a newborn screening blood test which is required by the State of North Carolina once a baby reaches 24 hours old.  It is mandatory, free, and currently tests for 37 […]

Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression & Psychosis

The postpartum period is a time of many physiological changes and it is very important to discuss and understand the complications that can often be seen during this period.  It is very easy to grasp things such as bleeding, hematomas, or infected incisions, as these complications are all very apparent to anyones eye.  It is […]